Merry Christmas 2019

Beston wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, and we will also launch product promotions at Christmas. If you intend to purchase green equipment (such as egg tray machine, pyrolysis equipment, carbonization machine, hazardous waste incinerator, plastic shredder, plastic baler), you may wish to consult Beston professionals, we can not only provide you with cost-effective equipment, but … Read more

Customer from Brazil Visited Beston Pyrolysis Plant

On the 6th of this month, customer from Brazil arrived at the Beston factory to visit tire pyrolysis plant. Although the customer asked several Chinese manufacturers before arriving in China, the final customer decided to visit Beston because Beston's customized design for the customer was perfect. This time, the customer mainly purchases 3T, 10T, and ... Read more

Uzbekistan customers are welcome to visit Beston

Customers saw Beston information from the website Since Beston is an excellent manufacturer with its own R&D team and after-sales team, customers have a strong purchasing interest in Beston's pyrolysis equipment. In August of this year, customers came to Beston from Uzbekistan and visited Beston's pyrolysis equipment. After visiting the Beston factory, the customer ... Read more

BLJ-10 Pyrolysis Plant Was Exported To Canada

In July, 2019, Beston green pyrolysis plant with EU emission standard was exported to Canada. Customers have planned to purchase pyrolysis plant long ago and have visited many factories. Later, the customer learned from the website of that Beston Group is a very powerful company in the research and development and manufacturing of pyrolysis. ... Read more

Malaysian customers visited the Beston

On May 17, 2019, Malaysian customers visited the Beston factory and visited Beston carbonization equipment. Customer is very interested in biomass carbonization equipment. Because Malaysia's local palm fiber/palm shell is very rich and low cost, customer hopes to sell the palm fiber charcoal directly as a fertilizer through palm fiber carbonization.The customer believes that this ... Read more

Beston will attend the Malaysian International Water Conference in 2019

What Is The Malaysian International Water Conference? MIWC’s focus on Water 4.0 will bring together scientists, engineers, governmental representatives, international aid agencies, technology innovators and utility companies from around the world to share the most relevant water-related topics and issues for discussion, and presents the latest products, innovations and solutions and technologies for the water ... Read more

Let Us Meet in Malaysia

BESTON Will  Visit Kuala Lumpur from April 8 to 13, 2019 Time: April 8th-13th, 2019 Location: Kuala Lumpur Products: pyrolysis plant, charcoal, MSW sorting plant and MRF plant Personnel: NATE HE, CAROLINE WU, ANNE LI, MR XU, MR LEE Hot Products Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Charcoal Making Plant MSW Sorting Plant Egg Tray Making Machine Interested in our products? ... Read more