Beston will attend the Malaysian International Water Conference in 2019

What Is The Malaysian International Water Conference?

MIWC’s focus on Water 4.0 will bring together scientists, engineers, governmental representatives, international aid agencies, technology innovators and utility companies from around the world to share the most relevant water-related topics and issues for discussion, and presents the latest products, innovations and solutions and technologies for the water industry.

Conference Topics

Integrated Water Resources Management
River Management
Water and Wastewater Management
NRW Management
Climate Change
Disaster Risks Management
Green Technologies
Flood Management
GIS & Mapping System
Driving Innovations Within Regulatory Frameworks
Financing Infrastructure for Utility of the Future
IoT, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence within Utilities
Is Water 4.0 The Future?

What Will You Get at The Water Conference?

MIWC’s focus on Water 4.0 will focus on the latest technologies, problems and challenges in the water treatment industry, actively promote new technologies and new ideas, and build core competitiveness products based on science and technology, green, environmental protection and energy conservation. Here you can find new technologies and solutions, explore the latest developments in the industry, and seek new cooperation and business opportunities.The Beston Group’s professional team will also attend the exhibition and bring cost-effective products and solutions to consumers.